What's the difference between UBCSSA and UBCSA?
Both are legal UB student organizations. UBCSSA is managed by GSA, while UBCSA is managed by SA. UBCSSA cooperates with the Chinese Embassy in New York to provide convenience and assistance to all Chinese students studying abroad. Most officers of UBCSSA are graduate students studying at UB. The core management is all UB graduate students.
Is UBCSSA a profit group? Do I need to pay for UBCSSA events?
UBCSSA is a non-profit student organization. Most of our activities and Gala do not charge students any fees. Some event materials are provided by our partners. For example, the health package provided by the Chinese Embassy in New York for the new crown epidemic. Accordingly, we will also provide corresponding promotion and publicity for these partners. A few activities, such as freshmen barbecue meetings, may charge students fees. All funds will only be used for event planning and other matters.
我们会在网站中随时更新关于社团的新闻和活动,以及学生需要掌握的资源等。您也可以访问我们的微信公众帐号:buffalocssa来获得更多中文资讯。如需紧急联系我们,请拨打:+1 (737) 708-6666,您有可能会被收取长途资费。